By Charlotte Herdliska

Did You Know:

  • August is Drowning Awareness Month?
  • Drowning Awareness was first introduced by News 4 Tucson’s “Lifesaver” campaign in 2009.
  • Gov. Doug Ducey declared August Drowning Impact Awareness month in 2017.
  • Pima County recorded its first year of no child drowning fatalities in 2019.

These are great statistics, but we need to keep it up, especially since Pima County water safety classes have been cancelled for 2020.  However, there are always water safety and drowning safety measures we as a community can use to save lives:

Remember the ABC’s of Water Safety:

A – Adult Supervision — Always Always, Always

B- Barriers to water – Barrier fencing with self-closing/self-latching gates

C- Classes – CPR and Swim Lessons.

For more information and learning opportunities go to:  click on children’s safety zone or go to:

Monsoon, when will it get here?  Hopefully, the monsoons have started by the time you read this.  Here is some good advice that most of you have heard before – sadly some don’t really believe.  Fire Departments get calls every year for swift water rescues, let’s try to avoid these situations.

Did you know:

  • It takes less than six inches of water to carry your car downstream. 
  • Arizona has the “stupid motorist law” and individuals can be cited by law enforcement agencies.
  • Most Swift Water Rescue calls occur in low to no light conditions.
  • As little as a half inch of rain fall can cause flooding in some areas.
  • In our areas of Corona de Tucson and Vail it is not unusual to get 1 inch or more of rain in a very short period of time – and that will cause some very serious flooding.
  • Turn around don’t drown is a real thing.

The best time to change your windshield wipers is before monsoon season.

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