By Debra A. Devine

I was motivated to make a chalk drawing after observing and photographing this beautiful chalk drawing in my neighborhood recently. It looked like stained glass windows, and mentioned the scripture Joshua 1:9.  I wasn’t familiar with the scripture, so I went home to discover Joshua 1:9 is “Do not be afraid.” The sentiment feels apropos with what is going on in society today with the Corona pandemic.

On my day off from work as a R.N. at a local hospital, I set off to Walmart, my go-to local shopping destination, to get some supplies. I was lucky enough to find one of the last buckets of chalk in the children’s toy section, and a roll of blue masking tape. Wirh the slightly worn rollroll of packing tape from my garage, a bit of ingenuity, a kneeler, and a chair, I laid the tape out to make a sidewalk design. The early April weather was absolutely perfect in the morning for such an activity. I proudly showed my friend who said the design looks like a rooster on one end and a snake on the other. My son believed me when I told him I paid $50 to a local girl to design artwork on the adjacent sidewalk. Little did they know.

 With this display, I’m hoping to spread joy among my neighbors in these uncertain times. Many of the houses feature teddy bears in the windows, with the hopes of delighting children of all ages. The teddy bear adorning my house holds special significance. Gifted to me by hospice volunteers, my mother’s clothes were used to fashion this bear. Hopefully in Wing View, we’re making the mark.

I learned firsthand after moving to Vail in 2005 that our community is friendly, spirited and truly rocks! I am very proud to say that even after 15 years of living Vail, the outgoing of love and support never ceases to amaze me.

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