By Hollie Warnick

Earlier this year, I had a large gathering at my home. It was a women’s clothing and fashion exchange. I had previously gone to such a party at a friend’s in Tucson pre-COVID. There was food, drinks, networking, shopping and last of all, donations. After the gathering concluded, we heard from a local women’s shelter about what it’s like to live on the streets and shelters when possible. It was nice to see our gently used items go to those who would be happy to use them.

I created a similar event at my home this spring and, because I enjoyed it so much, I will be doing the event every spring and fall. I love the process of cleaning out my closet while sharing with others. Each attendee had the chance to bring gently used items and shop for what they wanted. Although, I created the event around clothing and fashion items, I’ve seen this type of event be successful with home décor, children’s items, and more.

Even events like garage sales can be beneficial for our community. Instead of sending things to the dump, we can grab necessary items for discount, or clean out our own properties. In fact, some local retirement areas are rife with estate sales. You truly get to window shop!

When possible, try going to used item stores like “The Vail Depot” or Bookman’s to donate your items and shop for what you need. In fact, the Vail Depot proceeds go to the foodbank all right there, between the tracks, in downtown Vail.

If you’re done with an item, you can share it with others or you can barter. With pricing potentially going up, it behooves each of us to reuse or create our own resources.

We can help the earth by buying things with less packaging, reusing boxes or envelopes from online orders or even packaging from grocery items. When we reuse and reduce the products we use, we create a more sustainable system for our planet. And it might be more economical for you too!
If you would like to join or create your own item exchange party, reach out and I would be happy to share my knowledge or help create an event for you. Happy summer to you!

Hollie Warnick is a Behavioral Kinesiologist and Reiki Master utilizing behavioral health concepts, energy medicine, and essential oils to help clients love themselves and their life forward, backward, inside, and out. She is the secretary of the GVC ReSources board and mother of 4. Join her world via podcast, personal transformation sessions, classes and more at or call (520) 800-4383.

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