The long-awaited court decision on the City of Tucson’s policy of charging water customers who live outside of Tucson’s city limits higher rates is in. It is illegal to price water rates higher for unincorporated Pima County residents than for those who live within the City of Tucson, based on the process the City undertook. For those of us who could clearly see that this was an unjust, unfair, and illegal scheme, this verdict came as no surprise. Equally unsurprising is that the only folks who were surprised were the elected officials and bureaucrats of the City of Tucson.

When Tucson leaders announced their plans for the anticipated extra $10 Million in revenue paid by those living outside of Tucson, more than just water began to boil. Residents of unincorporated Pima County were to subsidize the water bills of low-income City residents, pay for “sustainable” and “green” projects within the City and programs targeted for those “communities who suffer most from the effects of climate change” and numerous other projects. All of these initiatives were to be implemented with no say, no voice, and no vote by the folks paying the higher water rates in unincorporated Pima County. Does taxation without representation open any floodgates?

With this victory, what comes next? As your District 4 Supervisor, I will insist the residents who have been paying the higher rates be reimbursed by Tucson Water and that the City pay Pima County’s legal fees and expenses. I would caution the City of Tucson not to appeal the court’s decision as the judge’s ruling and decision is quite concise and unambiguous. By appealing, the City would be further eroding its already suffering credibility and relations within our region. We will keep you posted.

During all election cycles, charges of campaign sign vandalism fly, and the Vail incorporation contest is no exception. There have been numerous complaints and allegations of campaign sign damage, theft, and wrongful removal from both sides of the Vail incorporation proposal. As a veteran of four political campaigns (two primary and two general elections), I can assure you, I am well versed in this matter. I know very well the personal pain felt by candidates and initiative supporters who see their money, hard work, toil, and sweat dissipate into the dust when their campaign signs are wantonly vandalized. It is repugnant to the electoral process and free speech that campaign signs are so maliciously and callously destroyed.

Those who believe their campaign signs have been vandalized or destroyed should contact Pima County Deputy Elections Director Jeremy George ( and provide the location of sign(s), photo of sign(s), brief description of concern, and your name and address. Anonymous submissions will not be investigated by the Elections Department. It is shameful that some thoughtless people feel compelled to resort to such infantile tactics.


Pima County Supervisor Steve
Christy, District 4
33 N. Stone Avenue, Floor 11
Tucson, AZ 85701

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