The subject of and the interest in Vail Incorporation is moving forward with greater momentum. The Vail Incorporation Committee held its first meeting last month. Numerous, well-known, Vail Community leaders attended the meeting, chaired by David Hook, with vice-chair MaRico Tippett. Vail incorporation has been gaining attention in recent months due to a variety of factors. One of the actions by the Tucson Mayor and Council that helped set events in motion was their imposition of differential water rate increases upon Tucson Water customers living outside of Tucson city limits in unincorporated Pima County. This directive by Tucson truly illustrates “taxation without representation”.

For those of you who wish an update of the current lawsuit initiated by Pima County against the City of Tucson over the rate increases can contact Brett Johnson, with Snell & Wilmer, at 602-382-6312 or email him at Brett would be glad to give you the most current information on this matter.

Many Corona de Tucson and Vail residents expressed great concern over this decision, made by the City, that prompted the uncertainty of what else can be imposed upon Southeast region residents, either by the City, or by Pima County, without the express consent or approval of Vail area residents.

In addition, the Vail area, in particular, and the Southeast region of Pima County, in general, continues to gain population and growth as our area is recognized as the most attractive and positive communities in all of Southern Arizona. With added growth comes added needs, and perhaps both can be dealt with more equitably and efficiently through incorporation. How, and when, the Vail area chooses its own direction could conceivably be managed better by its own community and residents locally.

We are all aware that the eyes of annexation are upon the Greater Vail region. The City of Tucson and the Town of Sahuarita have both stated great interest in annexing the south and west borders of Corona de Tucson, north and east through Vail. Should this happen, it is conceivable that the Vail area would lose the ability to chart its own course.

Finally, Vail has its own unique sense of place and community. Could incorporation help to preserve it and nurture it?

These are hugely important issues and developments facing our Southeast region. I urge the Vail Incorporation Committee and the Corona de Tucson Incorporation Committee to begin talks of collaboration, to join forces and resources together by both groups, to discern jointly the future of both communities. There is strength in numbers and resilience of ideas when everyone has a seat at the table. The next meeting of the Vail Incorporation Committee will be held on Wednesday, August 17 at 6:00 pm at Cienega High School. I encourage all residents of the Southeast region to try to attend and take part in the future of Vail and its communities. For more information and if you want to get involved in the incorporation discussion and process, contact Brad Anderson at The Greater Vail Chamber office at 520-261-8245.

Quite often, my office receives emails, letters, and phone calls about Vail area matters that range from road issues, such as stop signs, traffic signals or turn lanes; to area recreation/sports needs or opportunities, to bike and hiking paths, to traffic congestion and other significant quality of life topics. I can’t stress enough the importance of residents getting involved and participating in the Southeast Regional Council (SERC). All of the topics I just highlighted, along with many others, have the ability to be addressed through the various committees within SERC. The Council has gained prominence and influence steadily over the last few years. It provides a forum for the community to speak as one voice for the Southeast region. And when SERC does speak, numerous governmental agencies and departments at all levels listen. The results have been terrific for our Southeast region. If you have concerns about your neighborhood, and the Vail/Corona de Tucson communities, and want a voice or to get involved, you need to find out more about SERC by calling Lucretia Free at 520-490-0654.

I urge you to attend or watch the Board of Supervisors meetings held on the first and third Tuesdays of each month, beginning at 9:00 a.m. The meetings air, live, on Channel 96 on both Cox and Comcast, as well as on Pima County’s You Tube page. Meetings held in the past 90 days are available for viewing on From the home page click Transparency, then scroll to down to the heading Board Meetings, and click Access. The Clerk of the Board’s office archives the older meetings, which are provided on media for a small fee.

I would be remiss if I didn’t write something about Pima County’s Election Department installing “Voting Centers” and doing away with our precinct-level voting. This wholesale change in our voting process is not without its challenges. For a list of Vail/Corona de Tucson Vote Centers, and others throughout the county, please visit my page at or call my office, 520-724-8094.

I packed a lot of topics in this month’s column and hope you find value in unpacking them. Just so you won’t forget, I love being your Supervisor!
Pima County Supervisor Steve Christy, District 4
33 N. Stone Avenue, Floor 11
Tucson, AZ 85701

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