While right about now, I am certain the last thing you probably want to read is another piece about Vail incorporation, it is worth repeating that my office has been consistent in our position of not taking sides – being “agnostic” is the more intellectual sounding term – and we will continue in that vein. I have often said I do not believe it is appropriate for a sitting Supervisor to place a thumb on either side of the scale, supporting the pro- or anti-Vail incorporation efforts.

However, I bring up the incorporation matter because the process is moving forward, in accordance with State rules and regulations, to decide this issue. After the incorporation organizers completed the first steps in the incorporation process satisfactorily, the Board of Supervisors voted to approve the circulation and gathering of petition signatures. If properly completed and verified by August 16, the question will be placed on the ballot, and ultimately decided by you, the voting public, on November 7.

Bear in mind and let me be clear: this Board vote was a “ministerial task”, a required and routine part of the legal process of incorporation. It is not a measure or movement of support for or against incorporation. The Board of Supervisors has no say, no vote, and no ability to decide Vail incorporation (especially if the Supervisor doesn’t live in District 4). Only you, the residents, will have your say through a public vote.

Having said all of that, it is important to underscore that situational awareness and preparedness is of utmost importance to those affected by the incorporation issue. It is incumbent upon all area residents to educate themselves completely and fully understand the pros and cons of Vail becoming or not becoming a town. There are websites and information points aplenty and they no doubt can be found throughout this publication.

Our office has received scores of conveyances from residents on both sides of this issue and the activity tells us that voters are interested and that feelings on both sides run high, and all care deeply about the outcome. To that, we say thank you and congratulations for taking an active and engaged role in this most public of civic matters.

We look forward to this shared Vail community experience and to a resolution of this question, one way or the other.


Pima County Supervisor Steve Christy, District 4
33 N. Stone Avenue, Floor 11
Tucson, AZ 85701

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