As this goes to press, Vail’s Proposition 402 election result (also known as the canvass) is on the Board of Supervisor’s November 21 agenda for certification, which I expect it will be.  With this election season barely visible in our collective rear view mirrors, I think it is safe to say that we learned some important things as a community, as neighbors, and as residents of our Vail area. Among them, we learned many details about the incorporation process, what it means for an area like Vail to incorporate – and not to incorporate. We learned about each other’s community goals and visions and came to realize that we have profound differences relating to those goals and visions for Vail’s future.

As we get the Proposition 402 issue further behind us, we should hope that for all who went through the incorporation contest that it was a healthy and positive experience for the Vail community.  Undoubtedly, there will be those who will look back with bitterness and regrets. Now, with no fear of sounding cliché, we must accept that “the people have spoken”, with a loud and clear voice.

As your District 4 Supervisor, I pledge to all of you that our office will continue to serve you with the same enthusiasm and commitment that we have served you proudly for the last seven years. We will strive to make sure that the greater Vail and Corona de Tucson communities receive their fair share of the County’s resources, projects, improvements, and attention. As all of you know, just fixing the roads has been the top priority for me and it will continue to be so. We have made much progress in improving our southeast region’s roads, but there still is much to address with our infrastructure needs.

I ask all of you to help me identify and prioritize the pressing issues, in addition to road repair, that rise to the top of our collective minds, such as park and recreation projects, economic and business developments, and public safety and law enforcement, to name a few.

Now should be a new beginning, where our thoughts turn away from acrimony and division, and instead to our future and the challenges and possibilities that lay ahead. This is a dynamic time in our Southeast region. As your Supervisor, I ask all of you to join me in reaching for opportunities as we strive to preserve Vail, Corona de Tucson, and our entire Southeast region, as the most desirable place to live in Pima County.

As we roll through the holidays, I hope we can all slow down a bit to truly enjoy our families and friends, and have a wonderful season. And, oh yes, I love being your Supervisor.

Pima County Supervisor Steve Christy, District 4
33 N. Stone Avenue, Floor 11
Tucson, AZ 85701

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Steve Christy