Thinking back on my time at The Vail Voice is so bittersweet. I’ve grown so much as a person, community member, and journalist. I’ve learned from Lucretia in all three of these areas. Additionally, my writing skills wouldn’t have evolved as a writer were it not for all the insight and perspective from Mike, our editor.

Throughout all the articles I’ve written, I’ve gained support from the specific people involved in the articles, and the community in general. From interviewing Emily to writing about Nicos and Christmas in Germany, I’ve enjoyed every minute of working here. Being involved in the Holidays at Houghton Town Center was also one of my favorite parts about working with the The Vail Voice and helped me see how connected the community really is. I was also able to view firsthand how easily we come together as a community.

At the paper’s Vail Pride Day booth, I was able to see the raw numbers of how big Vail is. This assignment was one of the first I had. It may seem silly, but I didn’t think so many people would actually read my articles. That day, I was visited by several people who told me they liked what I wrote – making that day one where I had the best feelings in the world. My love for the Vail area has grown exponentially from this experience. Community members have shown me acceptance and kindness that will stay with me forever. It’s honestly kind of hard to think about college and leaving because I’ve enjoyed it so much.

Overall, I would like to publicly thank Lucretia and Mike for guiding me through my time and constantly giving me amazing advice on how I could become a better journalist. I would also like to say thank you to Mr. Tatham. I wouldn’t know a thing about journalism if it weren’t for you.

Thank you for starting my career! Thank you – Destiny

Note: At press time, Destiny had not yet selected the college she will attend in the fall. She is choosing between ASU and Howard University in Washington, D.C.

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