“Cut and Sewn” bras have 2 or more fabric pieces, sewn together with seams. By far, cut and sewn bras are the most supportive and shaping bra style you can have.  The seams help shape and provide contour to your breasts. Another advantage of a cut and sewn bra is that it gives your breasts a beautiful shape and centers your breast tissue.

Most cut and sewn bras are either 3 or 4 part cups and most have a vertical side panel on the outside of the cups that helps pull breast tissue out from under your arms and keeps it front and center. This gives a thinner, more youthful silhouette. If you are a D cup or larger, you should consider cut and sewn bras.

Contour bras, also called T-Shirt bras have a molded, seamless cup with a layer of foam for shape and modesty. They are the perfect invisible solution to wear under t-shirts and other clingy or form-fitting clothes.

The contour bra is the best-selling bra style in America. However, it does have limitations in the larger cup sizes. When breasts get too large and/or too heavy, this breaks down the pre-formed breast shape in the bra’s cups and you can end up with a less-than-flattering bustline.

When you come into The Bra Spa, we will try a variety of bra styles and shapes on with you and make sure we find the right bras for your body and lifestyle!



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