A whole-hearted thank you to those who donated walkers and transport wheelchairs to Corona Cares. They are being put to good use helping those in need.  Assistance needed: We are searching for a volunteer to help one of our senior recipients who is unable to put her trash cans out.  Would you be willing to assist this recipient, or do you know someone who would? We are looking for an individual who would be willing to move her trash cans out to the curbside Wednesday mornings and retrieve them Wednesday afternoon.

Are you prepared at home in the event of an emergency if you needed assistance from the fire department, but you couldn’t get to your locked door to let them in?  How would they get to you to help?  They would have to potentially break a window or door, but not if you had a Master Lock Box outside your home that stored your house key (like the units Realtors use).  Be prepared and have peace of mind with a Master Lock Box where only the fire department would have access to your key. Corona Cares has three left for sale, cost is $25.00 each.

If you can help with either of these concerns, or if you, or someone you know is in need of assistance or would like more information about Corona Cares: Contact Ellie Abraham, Program Manager at 520-395-9327 or email: coronacares@cox.net. Check Us Out on Facebook  facebook.com/Corona-Cares-989518767786048/?fref=nf

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