Change happens all the time and it affects people in many ways. For example, a dog running away from its home and never returning. Imagine the family that lost the dog. Sad right?

Change can ruin people’s life or help them. I had to go through change also. I moved from the house I grew up in. I went from being in the middle of nowhere and only having one friend my age, to a neighborhood with lots of friends younger than me. Although I love where I live now, I would do anything to go back to my first house. Another change that I went through was when I was a baby. When I was born, I had no hearing; in other words, I was born deaf. I had to have three surgeries and had to go through lots of speech classes. When I started school, it was hard to keep up. So I fell behind. In first grade I had a strict teacher, and I didn’t have all my hearing, so I got held back. Being held back wasn’t that bad because my second year of first grade, I got popular fast. Even though I couldn’t hear and I missed most of my class to go to speech class, I got very popular.

I went through speech class from kindergarten through fourth grade. I got to fourth grade and finally passed speech. I got all my hearing back, well, most of it. Fourth grade was the first grade that I got all “A”s.

Another change I went through was going to this school. I went to Vail Academy in sixth grade. I had butterflies in my stomach going to school. I wouldn’t have gotten through school without meeting my two closest friends. They helped me get through school and enjoy sixth grade. Also, my friends helped me meet people. I would be miserable if not for my two friends.

Change can be painful or make life easier. Change won’t bring me down, and I hope that change won’t bring you down. Change can have some good, no matter what, so use it to your advantage.

Alyssa Fisher – 7th grade student at Vail Academy and High School

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