Well maybe in today’s world, “Calling all Men” is considered an outdated expression, so feel free to substitute another neutral alternative title like “Calling All People with Good Upper Body Strength.”  Levity aside, Greater Vail Community Resources is blessed to have many great volunteers, mostly women, and mostly at retirement age, and we’d love to diversify this cohort for its own sake, and for practical reasons.

As you can imagine, there are times when some a little brawn comes in handy at our Depot Thrift Store and at Resources Vail Food Bank.  Don’t get me wrong—our ladies are dynamos, but donation boxes filled with clothing and toys can be awkward and sometimes heavy for our more petite volunteers to handle. The same is true when unloading and weighing boxes of frozen meat at the food bank.  Maybe you can picture yourself in the mix, chatting it up with fellow volunteers and clients while making a difference in our community.  Proceeds from thrift store sales go to fund the needs of the food bank, and all the food is distributed to our neighbors experiencing emergencies or chronic food insecurity. ReSources volunteers are the key linchpin in making it all work.

There are a variety of positions to be filled by volunteers, and it’s not a “one size fits all” proposition.  At the Depot Thrift store, we need help in unloading/receiving, sorting, preparing, and pricing donations that will make it to the sales floor.  Cashiers are also needed. A pair of strong arms is always welcome when there’s a need to move fixtures, heavy racks of clothing or furniture. Can you help us?

At the food bank volunteers are needed to unload pallets of varied food items, as well as perishable foods obtained through “grocery rescue” at local stores. Drivers are sometimes needed to help with grocery rescue or to deliver food to the homebound. At the moment, the food bank is short on volunteers who can check in clients through an easy electronic “intake” process before the clients can receive their weekly or monthly food distribution.

If you have an interest in helping out a few hours each week at either the Depot Thrift Store or Resources Vail Food Bank, there is a job waiting for you. The need is never more acute than at this time of year when our “snowbird” friends have headed back north. You can apply to become a volunteer online through the ReSources website:  resourcesvail.org

For the month of June, the food bank is requesting donations of lunch box snacks or individual snacks.

Volunteer, Ben Kordah, lending a hand in the Vail Food Bank walk in freezer.

ReSources Vail Food Bank volunteers at work.

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