Visiting Vail Arizona

The sweltering heat of the summer has ceased. Now come the months that makes the rest of the country green with envy.

There’s a reason why Vail attracts snowbirds from the North year after year.

The weather is cold enough to break out the cozy warm boots, and warm enough to avoid shovels, plows, or frostbite. With such idyllic temperatures it’s no wonder you want to pay a visit Vail, Arizona.

While you pack your bags in anticipation, here are a few essentials (beyond a toothbrush and deodorant) that you’ll want to bring with you for the journey.


We don’t get much snow (that’s an understatement). Sometimes people mistakenly believe that means that the sun isn’t quite as harsh without the reflection of a white blanket.

Sun in Arizona is strong year round. Whether it’s a crisp winter morning or a blistering summer day, the sun can cause skin damage. Basking in sunrays and warmth will feel refreshing. You might not realize just how burnt you’re getting.

Pack the sunscreen and apply it daily. If not, you could find yourself reaching for an aloe plant for relief.

Lotion and Lip Balm

Not only is it a dry heat – it’s a dry climate. Period.

If you’re coming from anywhere with even a little bit of humidity, your skin will feel the change. You’ll start to crack and peel. You’ll feel just about as uncomfortable as a piece of meat in a dehydrator.

Pack your favorite lotion and lip balm and plan to slather it on daily.


When you’re battling grey skies and dark days, it’s easy to forget how bright the suns rays can be. At first you might be eager to feel the fresh sunlight on your face. But then, as you squint your way out of the airport, you’ll realize that there’s one part of your body you’d rather not have absorb all the bright, blue skies – your eyes.

Pack sunglasses in your purse or bag and be ready to whip them out as you get in your car.


In the morning, the temperatures could be near freezing. You might be surprised at just how chilly it can get at night and in the wee hours of the morning.

Then, the sun comes up, and with it, so do the temperatures.

As the day heats up the day, it gets warmer and warmer and warmer. You began your day shivering from the 32-degree temperatures and suddenly it’s 65 and you’re wishing you were wearing shorts instead of pants.

Layers are part of the dress code in Vail. Without them you’ll feel like a character out of Goldilocks and the Three Bears – too hot or too cold. With layers that are easy to shred, you’ll be just right.


Arizona sunsets are some of the most stunning in the world. The pinks, oranges, and reds light up the sky like wildfire. If you’re visiting for a few days, chances are you’ll see one or two that will take your breath away – and you won’t want to keep the bright hues to yourself.

Bring a camera to capture the scene. Arizona sunsets are even spectacular when caught on a smartphone camera. No matter what type of lens you use, bring one so that you can have pictures to conjure up warm, fond memories of the bright colorful sky when you return home.

Visiting Vail is fun – especially during the winter months. With the right clothing, toiletries, and amenities packed you’ll have a fun, relaxing time in our small town.

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Lucretia Free