Here at The Bra Spa, we are trained to fit bras and it is our passion – bra fitting is not DIY. If you can’t come see us right now, see our tips below.

  1. If you don’t fill out your bra cups, you need a smaller cup size. If you’re overflowing in your cups, or the top of your bra cups are cutting into your breast tissue, try a larger cup size or a style with a fuller cup.
  2. If your bra’s center panel is not resting on your sternum, this means that your cup is too small. If the underwires are pointing away from your body, this too is a sign that your cup size is too small.
  3. Your bra band should anchor below the shoulder blades and fit snugly. The lower on your back the band sits, the better the support.
  4. Your straps should not create indentations in your shoulders or constantly slip off.
  5. Underwires shouldn’t poke, protrude or pinch. The wire should encircle the entire breast and sit under your armpit.

These tips alone do not tell you your bra size – make sure to schedule your bra fit appointment at The Bra Spa.

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