Most ladies will agree. One of the biggest physical challenges women and girls face is finding a properly fitted bra. Now, there’s a new remedy for that with the opening of The Bra Spa.  Margo Hall, the founder of The Bra Spa, found herself in need of change. As a single mother of two children living in Los Angeles, Hall did some soul searching and discovered a unique passion: She loves helping women find the right fitting bra. She packed up her bags and brought her two children with her to the greater Vail area to start her new journey.

After a year of attending intensive training on bra styles and breast shapes, researching intimate apparel to learn about the brands and styles, and attending trade shows, she knew she was ready to set up shop on the East side of town. In May, she opened her doors, and since then, hundreds of women from the greater Tucson area have shopped in her store. “Everyone leaves with breasts happy and well-supported,” Hall says.

The shopping experience is delightfully comfortable and unique. Instead of requiring women to browse through endless racks of sizes, shapes, and colors, she and her team do the work for them. When a shopper enters The Bra Spa, an extensively trained bra-fitting specialist greets her. After giving a little information about bra challenges and fit, they get to work trying on bra sizes. Once they find the right size, the shopping experience continues to find the right style, color, and fit. The store offers a variety of products including shapewear, swimwear (for size D and above), sports bras and strapless bras.

The shopping experience is designed to be enjoyable. The Bra Spa offers bra parties, where a hostess invites up to eight friends. The ladies have the store to themselves. The Bra Spa offers snacks, drinks, and private fittings, and hostesses get a percentage off their order depending on how much her guests buy.

Women can also get a percentage off by bringing in gently used bras, which The Bra Spa will donate to either the YWCA or Eagle Wings of Grace. These organizations have programs that give gently used clothing to women in need who are re-entering the workforce. The Bra Spa has even trained the nonprofits to help them deliver a better fitting bra to the women in need.

One of Hall’s passions is helping pre-teen girls learn about the importance of having proper support, especially while playing sports in High School. In fact, she has spoken to several high school girls’ teams about how to find the right fitting bra. To further this initiative, Hall encourages mothers to book mother/daughter dates by offering incentives to get pre-teen girls in her shop. Even if a woman has been fitted before, she needs to get fitted again. The Bra Spa recommends a fitting every other year.

More information is available on the store’s Facebook page at To book an appointment call 770-7870 or visit

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