By Jared Free

A few things have been keeping me sane this quarantine. I just got a Nintendo Switch, which has succeeded in drawing most of my attention for the last ten days. I exercise Monday through Friday to keep my endorphins flowing and my stress levels low. And I watch a lot, lot, lot of movies. The plethora of options available to stream, rent, and buy can be overwhelming and uninspiring in equal measure, so I’ve taken to creating little movie collections to watch and discuss with friends. I highly recommend it. It gives you something to talk about and makes being at home all day feel a little less tedious. Here are a couple examples that I’ve done. I encourage everyone to use these as inspiration to create their own film (or book, or music) circles.

Women That Love Women (Throughout Time)

— Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019), streaming on Hulu

— Loving Annabelle (2006), streaming on Netflix

— Carol (2015), available for rent/purchase

Creature Features

— The Thing (1982), streaming on Starz

— Venom (2018), streaming on Starz

— Alien (1979), streaming on HBO

High School Slumber Party

— The Myth of the American Slumber Party (2011), streaming on Hulu

— Star Girl (2020), streaming on Disney+

— To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018), streaming on Netflix

Foreign Horror

— Suspiria (1977), streaming on Kanopy

— Pan’s Labyrinth (2006), streaming on Netflix

— Kuroneko (1968), streaming on Criterion Channel

— The Wailing (2020), streaming on Prime Video

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