Best in the Class

Pantano High School


Ethan Mourreale, Valedictorian
After high school my future plans are to go to college in order to explore my options and to help grow my potential.
Since my freshmen year I had to overcome the challenges of having to get myself to be able to do homework as well as a long term illness which made school almost completely impossible.
Throughout high school my inspiration was my parents who always pushed me to do the things I needed to even when I didn’t want to. They made it so I never took the easy way out and that led me to success.
Tonee Valles, Salutatorian
I intend on moving forward with my education and will be attending Northern Arizona University in the fall of 2024.
A challenge I faced was trying to fit into the box that society expected me to. With guidance and great friends, I found my way. 
My inspiration was my family and most importantly myself. Given what I’ve been through, I knew I could achieve anything I set my mind to.

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