Loving ourselves opens our hearts and shifts our vibration.  Self-love is the single most important healing practice one can master. No medicine is as effective, no other energy as powerful and no other process as simple. No matter who we are or what our life story is, learning to think of ourselves with warmth, generosity and nurturance adds a huge measure of abundance and joy to our lives and to the lives of those we touch.

The best place to start is by asking a very important question: “How can I love myself more and better?” And waiting for the answers.

Strangely, love that we receive from others if not supported by the love we have for ourselves, is merely another form of pleasure and addiction. It is neither satisfying nor fulfilling. It creates more craving for more love from different sources. Whether it shows up as longing for respect, recognition or acknowledgment, if not attended from the inside, will feel within like a never quenched thirst for more love.

Make sure you are your own perpetual valentine and check in with yourself on a daily basis. See what you feel and how you feel on all levels. Become aware of your physical discomforts, emotional pains, intellectual struggles and spiritual longings. Meet your needs with compassion and understanding.

Notice where you are doing your best and acknowledge it.

Pay attention, look for solutions, ask for assistance and try new approaches.

Do anything you can do, to love yourself more.

Be mindful and be aware of your complexity and your internal vastness.

On a daily basis care deeply for the most precious person, (you) and ask yourself:

“How can I be madly in love with myself?” And then give yourself all that you need to feel loved.

When you will remember to love yourself as a daily practice, your “love cup” will be overflowing– you will love others more and better. May your Valentine’s Day be full of unconditional self-love, infinite love for others, and the simple joys that fuel more love.

“By God, when you see your beauty, you will be the idol of yourself.”   – Rumi

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