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Thinking back over the past decade, we (John Chaisson and Chuck Colbath) owe a debt of gratitude to the Vail area and our amazing staff.  Getting started was challenging but exciting.  John was a manager in the dry-cleaning Industry for two decades, and I was a manager in the automotive Industry.  Both good friends for many years, we had hoped to find a business in the town we love: Vail.  We happened to be at a local eatery where we talked with a friend who knew of a salon and an owner who wanted to sell.  We soon signed papers and opened with new lighting and paint.

The first few years were lean, but we saw growth.  We were committed to always doing better, and our growth has continued.  Looking at an industry new to us, we saw a lack of accountability, especially when it came to hair color and other services.  We also saw an industry that doesn’t typically publish detailed pricing.  Hair color jobs are often priced at the completion of the job.  We didn’t think this was fair, so we have published detailed pricing for the past decade.

But price doesn’t matter if you don’t have great talent.  We commit to our valued clients that we will always have a great stylist available.  Our stylists possess top-of-the-line industry experience.  And we continue training to keep us on top of Industry trends and products.  We want our customers to know that their happiness is of the utmost importance to us.  We strive to bring only the most talented stylists into the salon.  Being the best is important to us.  Our standards are high; this assures you a great result.

Now in our 10th year,  we are undergoing a total overhaul. The new environment will allow for a more efficient operation by saving time.  Our new infrared hair processors/dryers take half the time and are gentler on the hair.  All our updates and improvements are steps to make things safer, more efficient, and more pleasant for our clients.  In addition, our use of all natural and organic hair color and products are better for you and the environment.

Bavilon is all new again – please stop by for a look.  We do require masks and we work hard to keep everyone safe.

Use our easy online booking.  We  look forward to seeing you soon!

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