Art, Horses, and History by Sage Boyd

Horses have always inspired artists. As an artist, I am no exception. I love to capture the spirit of the horse on canvas as I make their manes and tails fly in the wind, and pull focus to their beautiful, muscular bodies. I use color to bring out the passion and power of these gorgeous creatures. In my horse paintings, you might see purple tails and bright green manes. Their coat may be shades of lavender and purple, while their jet-black eyes and hoofs will shine with pthalo blue highlights.

Did you know that horses hate to be alone? A horse is much happier if another animal is nearby. That’s why often you’ll find some chickens, a cat, or dog in the horse’s stall. They are keeping their equine friend company.

Horses hover in herds, in which there are family structures, a hierarchy of leadership, and protection from predators. Mares, as well as Stallions, can be the herd leader, while both share the responsibilities of training colts to adapt to the social structures necessary for the survival and propagation of the pack.

As humans, our relationship with horses goes back thousands of years. History is full of books about the spirit of horses and their bond with people.

For centuries, horses have been the power that built our nation. They have pulled wagons delivering produce, goods, and mail. They towed plows to till the fields for farms, and turned mills for grist. For thousands of years, they have been our mainstay of ground transportation.

Last, but not least, horses with their intuitive devotion provide the magic of healing. Riding gentle horses calms autistic children and others with mental or emotional disabilities; an inexplicable connection of safety and non-verbal is experienced.

Sage Boyd has been an artist and writer all her life. She loves to paint horses, dogs, and cats. She lives in Rita Ranch, and sells her paintings and prints online. You can view her art and read her blogs at

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