By Anne Gibson

Incorporate Vail Arizona (?) continues to involve more and more residents into the movement with their expertise and volunteer hours.

“We deeply appreciate the volunteer hours, with no pay except our sincere gratitude, being provided by these professional members of the Technical Advisory Committee and our loyal Ambassadors,” said IVA (?) President David Hook.

“Speaking of volunteers, Nancy Campman-Crofts, chair of the Ambassador Program, has been asked by Consultant Bruce Wright to build a team of 100 Ambassadors that may be needed should the decision be made to go forth with a campaign,” said IVA (?) President Hook.

“Ambassadors are individuals who perform volunteer services for Incorporate Vail Arizona (?), like responding to correspondence or phone calls, clerical assistance, neighborhood liaisons, or petitioners collecting signatures,” said Chair Nancy Campman-Crofts.

“They are your neighbors who volunteer to connect with and share IVA (?) information, listen to questions and concerns, and cultivate support for this endeavor by obtaining petition signatures,” Campman-Crofts continued. “We want our Ambassador program to be an individual and community empowering experience. We need all kinds of Ambassadors to fulfill all kinds of needs!”

If the decision by the IVA Board of Directors is to go to campaign, then the Ambassadors collecting petition signatures must be 18 years of age or older, registered to vote, and attend a two-hour training session. This is because of the legalities required by government, Campman-Crofts stated.

You may sign up to serve your community on the IVA website at under More, Ambassadors.

In addition to the Ambassadors, Rob Samuelsen has his new Technical Advisory Committee are committed and at work.

“The Incorporate Vail Arizona (?) Board has given us a pretty tight schedule for this stage of work. They would like us to have a pretty good draft of our work in late October and make a recommendation to go or no go on November 11, 2022,” said Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Chair Rob Samuelsen.

“The initial task we have is the Economic Analysis – e.g. budget. If the Economic Feasibility Analysis isn’t enough to sustain an incorporation, then the decision will be obvious,” Samuelsen said.

A survey by NuPoint Marketing to be mailed to 9,000 residents in the designated potential boundaries will assist TAC in determining the final boundaries. TACs charge is to figure out the revenue streams and costs of running a town or city using a projection of 21,000 people.

Samuelsen has built a strong team of members experienced with municipal government. The team consists of Barry Roche, retired law enforcement, for community safety; Greg Kempi, retired engineer, for transportation; Joe Gulotta retired City of Tucson Fire Chief, for professional guidance; Lee Pedlow, engineer, for zoning and permits; Vail Preservation Society for parks and recreation; Travis Le Duc, Tribal executive, for utilities (electricity gas, water, cell, cable, garbage, etc.); Jonathan Lounds JD for legal (town attorney, magistrate, courts, and jail); Brad Anderson, Greater Vail Area Chamber President, for zoning; and, last but hardly least is Pam Kelty, CPA, for Finance.

A town hall will be held on Thursday, December 1st in the Student Union at Cienega High School to announce the IVA Board of Director’s decision and justification for proceeding to a campaign or not.

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