With over fifty years’ plumbing experience in everything from leaky sinks to massive, complex commercial jobs, Allen Schwartzberg is a professional that’s seen it all. Yet recent reflection on his lengthy career has reshaped his priorities and shed new light on those experiences. “I’ve spent much of my life traveling for work,” Schwartzberg said in a recent interview. “I’ve worked on large scale commercial projects all over Arizona including Tucson, Davis-Monthan [Air Force Base] and the Navajo Nation only to name a few. But I’ve realized that family, friends, and community are the most important parts of life.” Owner and operator of Vail Plumbing, Schwartzberg is committed to serving the Vail community. “It’s not just about fixing leaky faucets. I do this work to help my neighbors and give back to the community I call home.”

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