During this past month’s chamber breakfast, a current resident and future chamber member shared these words with me, “We came (to Vail) for the schools and we stayed for the community!” While it felt good to hear him say that, this sentiment is one that is commonly shared by those who are either residents in the local community, or become actively involved in the Greater Vail Area Chamber of Commerce.  The chamber, the Vail School District, ReSources food bank, and Vail Preservation Society have all been working together more intently to develop this sense of identity and the feeling of community in the local region.  And this has been an amazing group of leaders to work with!

The October VailFest is another one of those places where a feeling of community has brought our neighborhoods together from Rita Ranch, Corona De Tucson, Civano, Sierra Morado, Mesquite Ranch, and the greater Vail area!  And the Block Party, which happened recently between the tracks in Vail, is yet another one of those events that brought our community together.  We live in a unique area where each of these locations represents a passionate group of people who are proud of where they live.  Anytime there is a unified vision and a common goal to rally around for the betterment of the community, this sends a strong message that there is still a lot of good happening in the world and it is happening right here in our own backyard!

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