By Debra Perry

Today, the Santa Rita Foothills Community Association Board of Directors publicly announced the organization’s name change. The name change is the result of a three-year process that involved extensive discussion, research, and development. “The name Corona de Tucson Community Alliance fits the direction and vision we’ve been moving toward for some time now,” said Edward Buster, Corona de Tucson Community Alliance President. With the help of our membership and the Corona de Tucson community our organization has grown into much more than representing an acute portion and population of Corona de Tucson, as the name ‘Santa Rita Foothills Community Association’ denotes,” he said. Answering the community’s call for rebranding with increased focus on our locale, our people and our issues will undoubtedly result in increased stakeholdership of the remarkable local growth projected over the next five years.

Our small-town charm combined with increased area growth created opportunities to help build our reputation as a community-wide organization of choice throughout the district,” said Glenn Taylor, Corona de Tucson Community Alliance vice president. “But helping individuals throughout our community to gain information about issues affecting our locale is only part of the equation, “said Taylor. “We believe that the quality of one’s community has a profound impact on one’s quality of life.”

To this end, the community organization has included the words “Corona de Tucson & Alliance” in its new name. “The inclusion of the words ‘Corona de Tucson’ speaks to our commitment to building a strong sense of community for our hamlet. Additionally, we added the word “Alliance” in the new name. “The adding of the word ‘Alliance’ denotes the incredible diversity of our great community and inclusion of every Corona de Tucson resident – always,” said Buster.

To continue its journey of inspiring our membership and community, The CdT Community Alliance developed many open-to-the-public community programs over the years and will continue to do so. Our partnerships with government, for-profit and nonprofit groups to create and support opportunities for all ages will continue. “Corona de Tucson Community Alliance is a name that we believe will boldly carry our community organization into the future,” said Ellie Abraham, Corona de Tucson Community Alliance Secretary/Treasurer. “It is wonderful to say that we will always be here to inspire a richly diverse, robust, and healthy community as well as a place where our people are first, always,” said Anne AJ Perrin, Corona de Tucson Community Alliance Director of Community Engagement.

About Corona de Tucson Community Alliance: Based in Corona de Tucson, Corona de Tucson Community Alliance, formerly the Santa Rita Foothills Community Association is a Corona de Tucson community organization with solid roots to our local community for nearly 40 years, since our incorporation in 1980.

The organization has made numerous contributions and positive impacts within Corona and throughout Pima County. The organization maintains solid partnerships with local municipalities, government officials, and vital community action groups. We regularly communicate with various officials of Pima County, Vail, City of Tucson, Vail Unified School District, Citizens of Vail for Education, American Legion Post 109, Vail Parent Network, Corona Cares, Newtowners, Vail Preservation Society, South East Regional Council, Vail ReSources, Corona Youth Sports, Southeast Library Steering Committee, Vail School District Foundation, the Greater Vail Area Chamber of Commerce, and many more. For more information, visit

Debra Perry is the director of communication for the Corona de Tucson Community Alliance.


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