By Ellie Abraham, coordinator, Corona Cares

Corona Cares provides services to the seniors of the Corona de Tucson community.  These services include transportation, friendly visits, friendly phone calls, caregiver relief, and errands that encompass grocery shopping for our recipients, picking up prescriptions, and delivering products donated by members of the community.

When COVID-19 struck CdT, essential necessities could not be found in the grocery stores.  People were stripping the store shelves of many day‑to‑day items.  Toilet paper, paper towels, Kleenex, rice, potatoes, eggs, and flour became precious commodities that were difficult to come by.  An appeal from Corona Cares went out to the CdT community for assistance in obtaining these items for our recipients.

The response was overwhelming.  We received more than we asked for.  In addition to the items listed in the appeal, we received masks, hand soap, hand sanitizer, bed chucks, and protein drinks.  One of Corona Cares’ neighbors donated a $50 gift card to purchase groceries.  Argenziano’s donated half a case of toilet paper as well.  We have had people search their pantry for eggs, rice, bread, potatoes, bleach, and dish soap when it could not be found in the grocery stores.

This experience a first for all of us. Initially we were afraid many of our population would not have the essential items that were needed in their day‑to‑day lives. But because of the community members who stepped up to give aid to our seniors, we have been able to provide everyone all the things they needed.

On behalf of the Corona Cares volunteers and their recipients, we give heartfelt thanks to all who have provided assistance to our valued community members.  As we deliver products, we are met with smiles, tears of gratitude, amazement, and thanks.  We pass on that thanks to all of you.  We are so grateful for your generosity and kindness that helps sustain our community.

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