Weather in Vail

Have you seen the weather report for next week? We’re going from sunny weather in the 70’s to blow-your-hat-off wind and rain in the 50’s.

Most people move to Arizona to take advantage of the weather (at least for part of the year) but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have our fair share of awkward weather moments. Have you ever walked outside expecting sunshine and saw looming black storm clouds? Yeah, it can get ridiculous around here.

Even though we have beautiful weather 75% of the time, there’s still some situations where things can get uncomfortable. Here are just some examples.

1. Unpredictable Rainfall

Let’s all take a moment to remember a few months ago when we gathered at Purple Heart Park to stock up on sandbags in anticipation of Hurricane Odile only to get a shockingly low amount of rain. My family and I grilled outside the night the forecasters predicted mass flooding and catastrophic weather conditions. That’s not the only time the weather can leave our local meteorologists a little bit red faced. Our rainy days seem to come out of no where.

2. One Word: Haboob

Okay, this word doesn’t just sound strange, the entire experience is strange. One minute you have full visibility of the Rincons and the next, the mountains just disappear. It’s not often we get a full on haboob making its way through Vail, but we do see plenty of dust storms that can blanket the surrounding mountain ranges and make us feel like we’re eating sand.

3. Dressing for the Occasion

Have you ever stood in your closet and wondered, “How the heck am I supposed to dress for a 45 degree morning followed by an 80 degree day?” Layering is essential in Vail. So essential in fact that you see some awkward attire. Some people head out the door in the morning shivering because they know they can grin and bare it for a few hours until the heat of the day sets in. Others overdress wearing layer upon layer and then end up stripping in public, trying to frantically find a spot to put their jackets and sweaters while they sweat the day away. It’s impossible to get right. And don’t even get me started on the socks with sandals look…

4. (Ahem) Body Odor

It’s the desert. It’s hot. And no matter how much deodorant, anti-persperant, and body spray you put on, you’re bound to smell once in awhile – body odor. But that’s not the only awkward moment. The worst is when you’re not sure if it’s you or the person in front of you in line at the store. But really… does it matter in that moment?

5. Wind Blown Everything

When the weather report says “breezy” you can bet you’ll be in for one wind blown day. From the tears streaming down the face that you swear are from the breeze, to the not-so-glamourous blow out hairstyle you’re sure to receive, the wind will do a number on your look.

6. Schizophrenic Rain

Sunshine lovers adore living in Vail because most of the time when it’s raining, it’s also sunny outside. You can hear the rumble of the thunder while staring at bright blue skies and feeling water droplets on your face. There aren’t many places that can provide that kind of unusual weather fun.

7. Pitting Out

This is the affectionate term for giant, monster sized pit stains that everyone seems to sport during the hot summer months. It’s not a cute look but it’s one that lifetime and long-term Vail residents have learned how to glance at, silently judge, and at the same time ignore while hoping you’re not sporting the same stylish look.

8. Speaking of Sweat…

It’s the desert, so we get to talk about sweat a lot when it comes to the weather. I mean, have you been outside at 3 p.m. in the middle of June? It’s impossible NOT to get your sweat glands going. Sweat happens. While you embrace the gross-out factor of feeling droplets stream down your back, face, and neck, just remember this: at least we’re not having to dig our car out from the snow.


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