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If you are a healthy individual, you may wonder why it’s so important to have a primary care provider.
In short, regularly seeing a primary care provider can help you stay healthy. This is the person you will see for your annual checkup as well as the person with whom you will address any health concerns that may arise.

“Having a primary care provider is so important to identify risks, promote healthy lifestyle and to prevent future health issues,” said Eva Sietsema, a family nurse practitioner at TMCOne Rincon.

Need more convincing? Here are three important reasons why everyone needs a primary care provider.

Your care provider knows you
Having a meaningful relationship with your provider helps you get care tailored to your specific needs.

Regular visits allow your care provider to get to know you as an individual as well as the intricacies of your health and wellness. These visits will also help you feel more comfortable asking questions and discussing your health.

These visits build on your health history. Knowledge of your health history is important for prevention of diseases and helps your doctor catch early symptoms and serious conditions.

Catch health problems before they become serious
Your primary care provider will screen you for major health-related conditions, creating a baseline for tracking health over time. Knowing your health history, your provider will notice any changes early, allowing for treatment before conditions become serious.

Help manage existing health conditions
If you already have a chronic condition, such as diabetes, arthritis or high blood pressure, your provider will help you manage it to improve your quality of life.

Your provider will do routine tests to keep you current on your condition and stay on track when it comes to medications and needed lifestyle changes.

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