“The Cut” –  Certain cuts and styles of bras fit different body types.  If your straps always slip, find one with center set straps.  If you’re tall and lean, a long-line bra may work for you.  If you’re wider, try a bra with extra side support.  If you’re full busted, a cut and sewn bra is the way to go – they provide lift, shape, and separation!  Just because the bra is the correct size does not mean it is the right cut for your frame.

“The Color” – Look beyond black, white and beige bras!  Choose from prints, pastels, deluxe shades, and hues.  There are even red bras that disappear under white shirts – go figure!

“Comfort” – If your bra is not comfortable, don’t waste your money on it.  Looking good and having support should never feel like torture.  A bra is made to be worn for hours to support you, and wearing one that isn’t comfortable doesn’t work.  Believe it or not, the more snug the band is, the more comfortable you will be.

The Bra Spa is here to help you find a bra that you love. Book your appointment now for your personalized bra fit consultation.

Margo Hall is the owner, founder, and creator of The Bra Spa.

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