What is a teacher? When I think of the word teacher, a few words come to mind: educator, mentor, professional, instructor, professor. But teaching encompasses so much more. A good teacher is kind, positive, inspiring, motivating, compassionate, empathetic…. I could go on and on. We all have teachers who have inspired us to do better, to be better. Teachers push us beyond our comfort zones. They help us see the potential we didn’t even realize we had. Teaching is more than just a degree. Teachers change children’s lives. This is why the Vail Parent Network exists. This is why we love our Vail teachers. We do what we do to so that our teachers are respected and compensated fairly for the many roles they play.

As school starts back this month, please remember to thank a teacher. Whether it be your child’s new teacher, their previous teacher, or one of your teachers growing up, say thank you! They do so much more than just help our children learn. Mrs. Turner, my 9th-grade science teacher was the teacher that changed my life. Her class was where I dissected my first frog. It was in that class that I discovered I wanted to do something in the medical field. She made learning fun! She inspired me and helped me discover something that I didn’t even know about myself, almost like magic! She made me want to be a better student and eventually inspired me to become a registered nurse! Thank you, Mrs. Turner!

We hope that you will continue to follow us as we advocate for increased educational funding in Arizona. We need to ensure that our teachers are paid a respectable wage so that they can continue to inspire our children. We will continue to post events for the signing of the repeal of State Senate Bill 1431 (Empowerment Saving Account Program).

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