“As One” by Sage Boyd

Growing up in New Growing up in New York City, I wasn’t familiar with horses.  In fact, I was a bit frightened by them.

Now, decades later, I’m an artist living in Tucson, next door to an equestrian center. It took a while before my curiosity got the best of me. Finally, I sauntered down the hill to ask the owner if I could visit the horses.  She agreed, and gave me a few pointers on how to interact with them.

Most of the horses were outside in paddocks.  Timidly, I slowly walked over to one of the animals who stood about ten feet from the fence.  I talked sweetly to him, and he came close to the fence, as if he wanted to visit with me.  Fortunately, I had some carrot chunks with me.  Holding them in the palm of my hand held flat and face-up, I lifted my horse snack up to the top of the fence.  He lowered his head, and with his soft lips and nose touching me, he ate all the carrots!

I wish I could describe the feeling I had that day, my first equine encounter.  I gently rubbed his soft, velvety nose several times.  He loved it, and kept coming back for more.  I was thrilled, and fell in love with him instantly.  Soon, the other horses in his paddock came over to me, wanting their noses rubbed also!  Unknowingly, this gentle, generous giant created a magical experience for me, which I will always treasure. For me, the connection with him was spiritual.

Now, I frequently take short breaks from my work as an artist in my studio, to visit my equine friends.  Some are friendlier than others, but there’s always others who want to visit and have their noses rubbed.  They love it! For me, it’s always magic!

Need some free therapy?  Try visiting a horse and rubbing her nose.  It’s magic!


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