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  • I just moved into the neighborhood and was aware that a train was nearby.  What I did not realize is that the train must blow a loud horn at the road crossing each time it passes.  Has anyone ever explored the idea of a quiet zone in the Vail area?  I am curious as to whether this issue has ever been addressed before.  If it has, what were the results?  If it has not, is there a possibility of any interest in pursuing?  Since you are in the know, I thought I would ask your thoughts and who might be contacted to find out more information?  Thanks much, YBM

    • I lived next to a double train line for years before moving to Vail.At some point you will not
      even hear the horns. The horns are a safety warning that a train is coming. Before they
      initiated sounding horns so far from a crossing, people in cars did not know a train was coming. In that town there were a number of deaths from people not paying attention before driving across the tracks. The horns are for our safety, your builder or realtor should have informed you that a track was so close and how much it was used. And it is the buyers responsibility to know what is around his potential home.

      • There are gates and lights to warn cars and prevent collisions. I’ve done quite a bit of research to find that with or without horns people get hit by trains because they are walking on or near tracks, even with signs posted and fences to block them, even recently there was a death despite horns in play and signs and fences. Horns are only blown at car crossings making it somewhat of a false security for the neighborhood in safety. There are tons of quiet zones all over the country and i was curious if it had been explored for the one Vail crossing since we have endless trains and endless horn noise. It would definitely being a great deal of peace and quiet to the community. I know downtown Tucson is establishing them as well as Marana. There is a reason for that, there are ALOT of trains and the horn are pretty darn loud.

  • We actually live in Corona de Tucson but since our mailing address is Vail I guess we’re a “suburb” of Vail. Just wondering: are they any plans to ever build a community pool in Vail? It would be great to have a year-around indoor facility, or at least an outdoor covered pool similar to the one at Edith Ball (across from the Tucson Zoo). Thanks!

  • I was wondering if there are any plans for a community garden in vail. I think it would be great for the community. I just visited the community garden in Payson, AZ. It was incredible and very large for a small town.

  • please send me advertisement package options and pricing. I am a new business in Vail and would like to make the June issue.

  • Good morning,

    I am hoping you will publish this to inform/remind the community that the special needs swing at Purple Heart park is for special needs individuals “only”. My daughter has cerebral palsy and can not enjoy the use of a regular swing due to her condition. On several occasions I have taken her to the park so she can enjoy the use of this wonderful swing and much to my dismay have found that big kids and adults are using it. And twice now I have had to call Parks & Rec to make repairs because kids & adults (yes, I’ve actually seen this) are mis-using this special swing. It’s so frustrating that I put the call in for repairs then as soon as the swing is returned my daughter can’t even enjoy it. I can’t express enough my anger and hurt over this. I had thought we had all become more educated and grown more hearts than this.

  • There used to be a General Store — called Rincon Valley General Store — or something like that on Spanish Trail near the Farmer’s Market. We’ve noticed that it is boarded up. Can anyone tell me why it went out of business? We used to stop in there while bicycling. Is it for sale? It used to be a great spot to stop. Thanks in advance.

  • does anyone know what is being built at Cmo Loma Alta & Del Lago? They have cleared a large area on the SW corner??

  • Does anybody know anything about a monthly clean comedy show in Vail? Some people were talking about it at Walmart— but they didn’t have any particulars?

  • I am not able to find an architectural rendition of what Mercado del Lago will look like. Hoping it won’t be another poorly conceived “Mediterranean” strip-mall look and that the builder will keep in mind our community’s history.

    It is quite surprising that the builder has not asked for community input regarding this or regarding the general layout of the entire complex.

    We who live here know how beautiful the view is from the site, so why not build something that will take advantage of it – maybe a sit-down restaurant? Somehow, I doubt that the McDonald’s drive-thru will be especially appreciative.

    Please don’t disappoint us.

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