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Letter to the Editor

I am a 100% disabled and retired 22 year active duty Army 1SG.  I also served as a defense contractor for 5 years and hold a top-secret clearance. I have PTSD which my wife shared with several of our neighbors and is nothing to be ashamed...

Mike Lavelle

Letter From the Editor

Author Trent Thomas addresses the timely issue of well water quality in the Vail area. You can buy a water tester for under twenty dollars that will measure the total dissolved solids (TDS) in your tap water. If you have a reverse osmosis...


The Arizona Main Street Program

The Arizona Main Street Program, housed within Arizona State Parks and State Historic Preservation Office, works throughout Arizona to implement the “Main Steet Approach,” developed by the National Trust for Historic Preservation in...


That Horse

Anyone who has horses knows that somewhere out there is That Horse, the one that will run the fastest pattern, or love them unconditionally, or take home all the blue ribbons; the horse by which all other horses will suffer in...


Healthy Eating and Portion Control 

Let us help you lose weight and keep it off. Do you feel tired and feel like you keep putting on the pounds very quickly? Are you fed-up with weight loss fads that promise to make you skinny instantly? Well, look no further. Healthy weight loss...


Del Webb Community Welcomes ORE Students 

The residents of the Del Webb Community in Rancho del Lago welcomed students of the Performing Arts program at Ocotillo Ridge Elementary. The choir stopped by for a visit on December 14, 2015 and shared a holiday concert with the residents...

24 Vail Parent Network at the capital 26 January, meeting with legislators to fight for our kids and our teachers!

Vail Parent Network: Fighting for Change

We are finally #1, in cuts to education, according to an AZ Public Media article dated December 10th.  As parents of the Vail School District, our number one priority is to improve educational funding in the state of Arizona. The Vail Parent...


Letters to the Editor: February 2016

I liked the article of the new NW Emergency Room; however, it is not in Vail but actually in Tucson. Its physical location is at 10146 E Old Vail Rd, Tucson, AZ 85747, and for those of us who live in Vail our zip code is 85641. We are county...