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In this issue, we want to highlight our upcoming elections, and have provided a place where information regarding candidates is presented. In addition, we do run and have provided a space where candidates can present a short article “in their...

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Colossal Cave

Nestled in the Rincon Mountains of Vail, Colossal Cave Mountain Park is a popular tourist destination that offers cave tours, Western Trail horseback rides, hiking, camping, and picnic facilities. The National Register of Historic Places...


Energy Saving Tips by Russett Southwest

Heating and cooling are the largest energy expense in your home and account for nearly half of your home energy use. With this in mind and with the Tucson summer in full swing, we’re sharing our top 5 energy and money saving tips for the...



Dear Claire, I have a dream I’d like your help with. In the dream, I’m at the zoo with people I work with. Everyone is there, past and present. We’re standing around the elephant enclosure, enjoying the elephant exhibit, and the elephant...


Vail Parent Network Initative: Vail Votes!

As American Citizens, we get the unique opportunity each election year to cast our votes for who we would like to lead our country, as well as our local communities and state.  But only 17% of eligible voters actually voted in Arizona’s last...

20 Mosquitoes

Mosquito Concern

Thousands of residents live alongside the only 18-hole golf course in Vail. The Del Lago Golf Course property runs throughout multiple communities. The course includes numerous hills, green grass, and even contains 9 large ponds used as water...

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Monsoon! The Danger Typhoon!

As we know, Tucson is in the midst of monsoon season. Now, while it is safe to say that people enjoy this season very much, the same goes for a few of our pets’ biggest foes. Mosquitoes, Bufo alvarius aka Sonoran Desert toad or Colorado River...